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Kits de brassage - Brewferm SUPERIOR ELE + BLONDIE All-grain Beer Kit

This Brewferm Superior electric home brewing kit with Blondie All-grain beer kit


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This Brewferm Superior electric home brewing kit is designed for amateur brewers looking take their next step in the world of home brewing using quality equipment.

For your ingredients (not included), choose from Brewferm malt extract kits or make your own selection of malt and hops.


Your kit contains:

- Adjustable Malt mill

-27L electric stainless steel brew kettle with thermostat and tap.

- 3L Mash scoop

- Hop boiling bags.

- 30L Lauter tun 30L

- Welded plate mash cooler with 2x1m silicone hose + 2x1.5m 10/15 reinforced PVC hose

- Brewing spoon

- 5L graduated measuring jug

- Brewing thermometer -10° +110 °C with protective cover

- Hydrometer and 200ml plastic test-tube

- 30L fermentation bin with airlock and tap.

- Bottle filler.

- Chemipro® OXI cleaning product.

- Iodine tincture

- Crown capper 100 crown caps.

- Book: ‘Brewing beer for beginners’.




So, you want to brew your own beer using all-grain but you’re not sure where to start or what recipe to use? BREWFERM’s ready to use kits are the perfect solution. These malt kits contain all the ingredients needed to brew 15-20 litres of beer from scratch, including the malts, special grain (soft wheat, maize, etc.), hops, in some cases herbs, and dried yeast.

They have been developed by master brewers according to tried-and-tested recipes and packaged to offer optimum freshness. Comes with detailed instructions and diagrams.

BLONDIE MALT KIT A strong blonde beer with a terrific hop character. Complete Electric Brewing Kit for intermediate to advanced home brewers who want to graduate to all-grain brewing


Brewferm SUPERIOR ELE + BLONDIE All-grain Beer Kit


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Sturdy packaging
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