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Levures de brassage - Mangrove Jack's Belgian Wit M21 Yeast 10g

Classic top-fermenting dried yeast with a spicy, fruity character ideal for Belgian Witbier and Blanche wheat beers


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Belgian Wit yeast is a traditional top-fermenting yeast that gives your beer soft, balanced character and a range of fruity, spicy notes.This yeast is highly recommended for Blanche beers, Grand Crus, spiced and special beers. Its fermentation temperature should be between 18-25°C. If you are using it for your main fermentation, use the yeast at 40-60g/100 litres. How to use your Mango Jack's yeast... While Mangrove Jack's yeasts do not require rehydration, for optimum results you are advised to rehydrate. Pour the contents of the sachet into 100ml of water at 30-35°C. with the exception of Lager yeasts, which require temperatures of 20-25°C. Mix gently for 8-12 minutes, then add directly to the mash. Alternatively, pour the dried yeast directly onto the surface of the mash and let it rest for 10-15 minutes before mixing. Storage: Your yeast can be stored for up to 30 months in its original packaging at a temperature below 10°C, 12 months at 20°C or 4 months at 30°C. Above this temperature range, the viability of the yeast may be reduced. Check the use-by date on the packet. Once you open your yeast sachet, it should be used within 2 days of opening and kept below 10°C, preferably in a fridge.

Mangrove Jack's Belgian Wit M21 Yeast 10g

Mangrove Jack's

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Sturdy packaging
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