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What is a Festbier / Oktoberfestbier style beer?

You've probably heard of Oktoberfest, the German beer festival that takes place every September in Munich. Did you know that there is a style of beer named after this famous festival? Saveur Bière tells you all about this German beer style! What is a Festbier / Oktoberfestbier style beer?  Oktoberfestbier or Festbier is a German-style of low fermentation beer... Read more


Bavarian roast pork

Like white Weisswurst sausage, pretzel, or sauerkraut, Bavarian-style roast pork is a traditionally served dish in Germany during Oktoberfest. If you can't go and enjoy a delicious Bavarian-style roast pork directly in Munich this year, learn how to cook this traditional German recipe and enjoy it at home. BAVARIAN-STYLE ROAST PORK Before you start, make sure you have a... Read more


Trappist Beers: A religious experience in Craft Beer

AuthenticTrappist Ales are a truly unique way of brewing beer that combines centuries of artisanal savoir-faire and tradition with deeply held religious values of generosity, charity and love. If there’s a heaven, then they surely serve beer there, and they probably serve Trappist Beer. In the world of artisanal beer, these exceptional ales are truly the holy of holies... Read more



So, you finished brewing is finished? Now it’s time to inoculate your wort with your yeast to kick-start the fermentation and transform your malt liquor into beer. What is yeast? Yeast, our faithful brewing companion, is a single-cell micro-organism that performs a simple, but essential part of the brewing process: fermentation. When yeast divides and multiplies, it... Read more


Gruit Beer: better beer brewed with botanicals

Surely you can’t brew beer without hops, right? If you thought that was true, you’d be wrong! Before adding hops to beer became a thing, beers were made bitter with a blend of herbs and spices like wormwood – that’s absinthe to you and me – heather, spruce tips and a whole pharmacopeia of botanicals in a style known as gruit, grut or gruyt. Can... Read more


How to grow your own hops for homebrewing...

Growing your own hops is not only a rewarding way to say “I brewed this beer myself!”, but ensures an even more sustainable link with the process of brewing beer. If you’ve got a garden or a balcony, then all you need to do is a hop plant, shoot or rhizome and let nature do the rest.  Hops: an essential brewing ingredient An essential part of the home... Read more



Born nearly 250 years ago, the Bass brewery in Burton-on-Trent, England has become an icon in brewing as one of the pioneers of the Burton brewing system. Thanks to an alchemy between malt, hops and the unique local water, Bass Ales were an immediate hit. Over the following century, Bass continued to expand and by 1877 it had become the world’s biggest brewery producing... Read more

Thomas Hardy's Ale: History in the making

Thomas Hardy’s Ale: A timeless classic celebrates 50 years... First brewed in 1968 to celebrate one of England’s most iconic authors, Thomas Hardy’s Ale is a classic Barley Wine with fine fig, tobacco and old leather notes that has become an icon in its own right thanks to its distinguished heritage and more than a little determination! Originally brewed by... Read more



Ok, so you could put your beers in the fridge - or the freezer if you’re in a hurry - but hey who’s that organised? What if your friends turned up unannounced bearing fizzy gifts, or what if you’re out in the great wide open – the fridge is mighty heavy when you’re hiking, and the electric cable is never long enough! But don't worry, help is at... Read more


RateBeer Best Awards: kudos to Craft Beer's movers and shakers...

RateBeer’s Best Awards are a great barometer of trends in the world of Craft Beer, and the 2019 edition has thrown up more than a few surprises. RateBeer’s Best Awards are a great barometer of trends in the world of Craft Beer and, like every year, the 2019 edition likely holds more than a few surprises. As well as waiting for your best seasonals from your... Read more


British Beer and British Food: Part II - Bar snacks to die for…

Whether it's biltong from South Africa, jerky from the USA and Canada, or Belgium’s humble frites, or even freeze-dried spicy insects – don’t even go there! - every country has its own take on bar snacks. But as one of the world’s leading purveyors of Craft Beer, Great Britain has got bar snacks to die for (and, in many cases,... Read more


Brut IPA: the next big thing in Craft Beer

Is Brut IPA the standout Craft Beer style for 2019? If there is one beer style that’s captured the imagination both of Beer Geeks and those just starting out on their Craft Beer odyssey, then India Pale Ale, more commonly known as IPA, is it. Loved for its bitterness and its awesome hops aromas, the style has morphed into varies sub-styles like powerful Double IPAs... Read more


British Beer and British Food: Part I - A match made in…

If there’s one thing we all know about the British it’s that they can’t cook. Right? Well, yes and no. It’s more accurate to say that the brits have forgotten how to eat, but it’s coming back to them slowly. And they can still brew beer like there's no tomorrow… Around the world, the British have a reputation for a poor diet and an... Read more


Dry January: Keep going, you're nearly there...

So, you’re half way through Dry January? How’s it going so far? If you said ‘tough’, then don’t worry, you’re among friends, and we’ve got ways of making the next two weeks just a little more bearable… The idea for Dry January comes from the UK, and a public health initiative aimed at reversing some of the damage done by... Read more


Beery Christmas Day 24: Avery Old Jubilation

Avery Old Jubilation It’s a tough gig, and every year the challenge of brewing the beer for Beery Christmas’s No.24 spot gets a little bit tougher. The bar is set high, but once again our final brewery manages to top last year’s amazing contribution. Just! To conclude this year’s Beery Christmas adventure, the honour goes to Avery Brewing, a legendary... Read more


Beery Christmas Day 23: To Øl Gose to the Fyrreskov

To Øl Gose to the Fyrreskov Flushed with the success of Santa's Hibernation, their contribution to Beery Christmas 2016, and Winter Wonderland in 2017, To Øl are back for the 2018 calendar with a brand-new recipe, but the same exceptional quality we've come to expect the other 364 days of the year! Based in Copenhagen, To Øl is an itinerant or nomadic... Read more


Beery Christmas Day 21: Amager & Crooked Stave Chad, King of the Wild Yeasts

Amager and Crooked Stave – The not-so-mad scientists of Craft Beer One of Denmark’s foremost Craft Breweries, and another doyen of the RateBeer Top 100 club for many years running, Amager is the life’s work of two college buddies whose knowledge of biochemical processes – namely fermentation – proved invaluable after they graduated. In 2011,... Read more


Beery Christmas Day 22: Bosteels Single Batch Barley Wine

Bosteels – Belgian Beer with heritage Back with another authentic Belgian recipe, ever since its foundation in 1791 by Evarist Bosteels, the Bosteels brewery has become the very definition of a family-business. In the same ownership for well over 200 years, the brewery has been managed by seven generations of the Bosteels family, brewing some of Belgium's most iconic... Read more


Beery Christmas Day 20: Nomada Sakura India Pale Lager

Brewing awesome beer Nomada what… Another new Beery Christmas newcomer, this time from the Barcelona suburb of Sabadell, Spain's Nomada Brewing blends tradition with innovation and a dash of Latin passion, constantly bending the rules to create new and exciting flavours. They love classic flavour combinations, using ingredients like orange, chilli, mint and yuzu, but... Read more


Beery Christmas Day 19: Thornbridge Coconut Chocolate Porter

Thornbridge Brewery Coconut Chocolate Porter – Craft Beer from England’s green and pleasant land Another Beery Christmas alumnus, Thornbridge has been dazzling Beery Christmas fans for a few years now, and 2018 is no exception. Founded in 2005, Thornbridge Brewery is a highly-respected English brewery that now ranks among ratebeer's list of the world's top 100... Read more


Beery Christmas Day 18: Birra Del Borgo & Patagonia Santa Punch

Birra del Borgo goes to Patagonia: Santa Punch Imperial IPA Following the success of its brews for the 2016 and 2017 Beery Christmas, including 25 Dodici, a majestic Belgian Strong Dark Ale that held the prestigious 24 December spot, Italy's Birra Del Borgo is back by popular demand. Brewing with typical Italian flair, like so many Craft Breweries Birra Del Borgo grew from... Read more


Beery Christmas Day 17: La Débauche Berliner-Tana

La Débauche Berliner-Tana: Berlin via Antananarivo... Newcomers to Beery Christmas, based in the southern French city of Angouleme, the highly esteemed La Débauche infused their brewing with a very French sense of style from the word go. As famous for their elegantly designed labels as their brewing, this remarkable Craft Brewery has successfully married... Read more


Beery Christmas Day 14: Goose Island Madame Rose

Rose coloured glasses... Back once again following a rapturous reception in 2017, all the way from Chicago, Goose Island's story begins nearly 30 years ago in 1988, when founder John Hall opened his first Brewpub. Inspired by his extensive travels in Europe, and unable to find a decent Real Ale back in the USA, he was inspired to set up his own brewery. Consumed by this new... Read more


Beery Christmas Day 15: De Molen Hel & Verdoemenis

De Molen Hel & Verdoemenis Imperial Stout Like most Craft Breweries, Netherlanders De Molen are never happy unless they're creating. Over the last 15-some years, as well as brewing a sensational core range of regular brews, they've created literally thousands of small-batch recipes. Some are good, others are AMAAAAAAAZING!!!, but there’s never a bad or boring beer... Read more


Beery Christmas Day 16: Brussels Beer Project Tatie Tatin

Brussels Beer Project Tatie Tatin Founded in 2013 as a crowdfunding project, Brussels Beer Project’s philosophy is to take classic Belgian Beer Styles and bring them kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. Belgian Beer has no shortage of classic brews to choose from, but the guys at BBP thought the whole Belgian scene needed shaking up a bit. BBP: Leave the abbey,... Read more


Beery Christmas Day 13: La Virgen & Laugar Oso Honey Pale Ale

La Virgen & Laugar Oso Honey Pale Ale Founded by three Spanish Craft Beer fanatics, Ana, César and Jaime, Madrid's award-winning La Virgen is one of the fastest growing names in European Craft Brewing. The trio first met at an advertising agency in San Francisco and, discovering a shared love of craft beer, they set about planning their new business venture. Upon... Read more


Beery Christmas Day 11: Cerveceria Mexicana La Bufadora Maibock

Cerveceria Mexicana La Bufadora Maibock “I'm gonna show you kids the time of your life. Get ready for two weeks at the happiest place on Earth...TIJUANA!!!!” -Krusty the Clown Cerveceria Mexicana is a Mexican brewery from Tijuana, a city in the northern-eastern corner of Baja California just a short drive east from the Pacific Ocean. Best known for its Dia de los... Read more


Beery Christmas Day 8: Founders Breakfast Stout

Founders Breakfast Stout Another highly popular Beery Christmas alumnus, Founders Brewing Company's story unfolds over more than 20 years, Michigan's Founders Brewing is a heart-warming, against-the-odds success story. Like so many Craft Brewers, Founders founders - the founders of Founders, that is - Mike Stevens and Dave Engbers quit their jobs to chase the dream of... Read more


Beery Christmas Day 9: Basqueland Brewing Project Mimosa

Basqueland Brewing Project Mimosa Pale Ale Based south of the Basque city of San Sebastien, the award-winning Basqueland Brewing Project is another welcome return to Beery Christmas, following its awesome entry to the 2017 Calendar. The brainchild of three Americans, this trio of gourmets, which includes one Michelin-starred chef, has built an up-and-coming brewery motivated... Read more


Beery Christmas Day 10: Omnipollo Smoothie IPA

Omnipollo Mexican Vanilla Piña Colada Smoothie IPA If the name Omnipollo is familiar to you, that might just be because Omnipollo's brewer and artist-in-residence Karl Grandin provided the zodiak-inspired artwork for Beery Christmas 2017. For the uninitiated, Sweden's Omnipollo is one of the world's most famous Craft Breweries, and possibly the ultimate gypsy or... Read more


Beery Christmas Day 3: Ninkasi & Colorado Mango No.5

Ninkasi, goddess of Beer! France's award-winning Ninkasi brewery is the brainchild of three young graduates. Tracing its history to a road-trip across the USA in the late 1990s, during their expedition Ninkasi's founders discovered the world of Craft Beer through the growing phenomenon of the BrewPub. Fast-forward more than 20 years, and the Ninkasi empire, named after the... Read more


Beery Christmas Day 4: Boxing Cat Ringside Red Vienna Lager

Boxing Cat Ringside Red Vienna Lager Necessity is the mother of invention” – never was this truer than in the world of Craft Beer. Shanghai’s Boxing Cat is yet another Craft Brewery created by folk with a love of great beer and nowhere to drink it. Faced with a total absence of great beer, way back in 2007 ‘the three amigos’, Gary, Kelley and... Read more


Beery Christmas Day 5: Oppigårds & Bierol Rural Hopfenweisse

Oppigårds & Bierol Rural Hopfenweisse Hopfenweisse and Hopfen-wise… A long-time favourite of Saveur Bière and HOPT customers, not to mention a familiar face from previous Beery Christmas, Oppigårds is a family-run brewery from Dalarna, Sweden. Set on the farm they’ve called home since 1735, the brewery took shape in the mid-1980s,... Read more


Beery Christmas Day 6: Lervig & Brewski Leif ESB

Hi, we hope you found today’s beer OK. Seems like it’s getting harder every day! But the search will be worth it… Brewski and Lervig: 100% Scandinavian Craft Beer! As well as becoming a regular fixture for Beery Christmas, all the way from Stavanger, Norway, the ever-popular Lervig is fast becoming a legend in European Craft Beer circles. In 2016 it joined... Read more


Beery Christmas Day 7: Camden & Wicked Weed Versus IPA

Camden and Wicked Weed Versus IPA – North London meets North Carolina Long-term Beery Christmas fans will no doubt be delighted by the return of Camden Town Brewery. Founded in London in 2010 by Australian Jasper Cuppaidge, the multi-award-winning Camden Town Brewery is one of the UK's biggest Craft Beer success stories. This year Camden has teamed up with Wicked Weed... Read more


Beery Christmas Day 2 : Cranachan Wee Heavy - Tempest Brewing

Welcome back. We hope you managed to find Beer Number 2 ok. Today we’re in Scotland for Tempest’s gorgeous Cranachan, a Scotch Ale inspired by a classic Scottish dessert… There’s a storm brewing… Like so many top brewers, Beery Christmas newbloods Tempest Brewing’s story begins in a garage, as a small setup with big ideas. The goal to... Read more


Beery Christmas Day 1 - Dois Corvos

Dois Corvos Saison Sur Mer All the way from Portugal’s historic capital, Lisbon, Dois Corvos is one of Beery Christmas 2018’s youngest Craft Breweries. Starting brewing in early 2014, the brewery has gone from strength to strength to become one of the hottest Craft Beer properties on the Iberian Peninsula. Based in a waterfront brewery in Lisbon’s eastern... Read more


Beer + Perfect Glass = Perfect Beer

Get ready to experience beer like you never tasted with our guide to choosing the perfect beer glass for your favourite Craft Beer. If beer-tasting doesn’t seem quite as strict as tasting fine wine, then think again. Great beer can have all the complexity of fine wine, and to make sure you experience it fully, you need to choose the right glassware. Get it right and... Read more



Rules: GOLDEN EGG PROMOTION Terms and conditions “Golden Eggs" promotion   Article 1: Organizer of the promotion INTERDRINKS (trading as SAVEUR BIERE), SAS whose registered office is located at 2, rue du Chemin Vert in FRETIN (59273) - RCS de LILLE 497 634 030, is organising from 18 to 22 April 2019, a competition with an obligation to purchase entitled Golden... Read more


Tynt Meadow: England's very own Authentic Trappist Beer

The link between monasteries and beer has a long history, and now that history just got longer with the arrival of Tynt Meadow, England’s very first Trappist Beer. Brewed in Mount Saint Bernard in the very heart of Englad, this characterful English Strong Ale is already generating a lot of interest – and column inches! Authentic Trappist Beer Brewed at just a... Read more


Bacon, sea salt, cucumber, oyster, chilli: beer without limits....

One of the things we at Saveur Bière and HOPT love about Craft Beer is that it is endlessly reinventing itself. Sure, there are trends in Artisanal Brewing – 2018 was all about Milkshake IPAs, Sour Ales and beers brewed with mango, while 2019 looks likely to be remembered as the year of the Brut IPA – but for there to be trends, there have to be... Read more


Everything you need to know about Oktoberfest!

Oktoberfest or October festival in German is a major Munich beer festival, famous around the world for its 16 to 18 days of festivities on the Theresienwiese. Considered one of the biggest events in the world, it has also fallen victim to the black market, fraud, and excessive alcohol consumption, which does not prevent more visitors from coming each year to celebrate craft... Read more

La Virgen: Spanish Craft Brewing’s biggest success-story

At Hopt we like to get to know our producers, so we caught up with one of Spanish Craft Brewery La Virgen’s three founders and marketing manager, César Pascual, as he gave us an exclusive insight into Spain’s biggest Craft Beer success-story.  Speaking to us from La Virgen’s brewery just outside the Spanish capital, we started by asking a question... Read more


Brewing Homebrew Beer with Powdered and Liquid Malt Extract

When we talk about brewing, we often mean the process of making beer from A to Z: everything from choosing your recipe, buying your homebrew ingredients – hops, yeast, malt, etc. – to cleaning and disinfecting your equipment, heating the grain, boiling, bottling and (the best bit) tasting your finished brew... But more specifically, brewing refers to the process... Read more


MBCC: There's something rocking in the state of Denmark!

There are a few events in the Craft Beer calendar that make any self-respecting Beer Geek’s pulse race, and Mikkeller’s legendary Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen is surely top of the list. With 100 of the world’s finest Craft Breweries in attendance, as well as wine, barista coffee, tattooists and even a running race, this is one unforgettable artisanal... Read more


White, Blonde, Ruby, Brown: Beer in every colour

The colour of your beer can tell you a lot about how it’s going to taste. Pale blonde beer usually means a light beer full of straw and hay and light citrus hops, while chestnut colouring often means chewy, fruity, caramel flavours, and black beer denotes smooth, strong and bitter. But what is the science behind beer colouring and what can we learn from it? Why are... Read more


Birra del Borgo Day 2018 - La Dolce Birra

Continuing the success of its very own homegrown Beer Festival, Italy’s primo Craft Brewery Birra del Borgo is back once again. Now in its 13th year, for three days at the beginning of June, Birra del Borgo throws open its doors to the public for Birra Del Borgo Day 2018, a chance to show off the beating heart of this super-successful artisan brewery. And the best... Read more


I'm still standing... Our guide to Session IPA

So you've never tried a Session IPA… Awesomely flavoursome Session IPAs are a lighter alternative to regular IPAs that often top out at over 6% ABV. These diminutive beers are like Oompa-Loompas – they might be small in stature, but they’re no less powerful. And they’re kind of orange coloured. However, they are more enjoyable - not to mention a whole... Read more



With more Saveur Bière and HOPT customers getting into brewing, there are more and more questions that need answering. That’s why we’re answering some of your home brewing FAQs in our blog. Maybe you’re just starting out on your brewing journey, or maybe you’re a confirmed home brewer, but sometimes you’re just not sure whether what you see... Read more


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