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What is a Festbier / Oktoberfestbier style beer?

You've probably heard of Oktoberfest, the German beer festival that takes place every September in Munich. Did you know that there is a style of beer named after this famous festival? Saveur Bière tells you all about this German beer style! What is a Festbier / Oktoberfestbier style beer?  Oktoberfestbier or Festbier is a German-style of low fermentation beer... Read more


Trappist Beers: A religious experience in Craft Beer

AuthenticTrappist Ales are a truly unique way of brewing beer that combines centuries of artisanal savoir-faire and tradition with deeply held religious values of generosity, charity and love. If there’s a heaven, then they surely serve beer there, and they probably serve Trappist Beer. In the world of artisanal beer, these exceptional ales are truly the holy of holies... Read more


Gruit Beer: better beer brewed with botanicals

Surely you can’t brew beer without hops, right? If you thought that was true, you’d be wrong! Before adding hops to beer became a thing, beers were made bitter with a blend of herbs and spices like wormwood – that’s absinthe to you and me – heather, spruce tips and a whole pharmacopeia of botanicals in a style known as gruit, grut or gruyt. Can... Read more


Brut IPA: the next big thing in Craft Beer

Is Brut IPA the standout Craft Beer style for 2019? If there is one beer style that’s captured the imagination both of Beer Geeks and those just starting out on their Craft Beer odyssey, then India Pale Ale, more commonly known as IPA, is it. Loved for its bitterness and its awesome hops aromas, the style has morphed into varies sub-styles like powerful Double IPAs... Read more


Beer + Perfect Glass = Perfect Beer

Get ready to experience beer like you never tasted with our guide to choosing the perfect beer glass for your favourite Craft Beer. If beer-tasting doesn’t seem quite as strict as tasting fine wine, then think again. Great beer can have all the complexity of fine wine, and to make sure you experience it fully, you need to choose the right glassware. Get it right and... Read more


I'm still standing... Our guide to Session IPA

So you've never tried a Session IPA… Awesomely flavoursome Session IPAs are a lighter alternative to regular IPAs that often top out at over 6% ABV. These diminutive beers are like Oompa-Loompas – they might be small in stature, but they’re no less powerful. And they’re kind of orange coloured. However, they are more enjoyable - not to mention a whole... Read more


Chilli & Beer – Spice up your life

Chilli and beer have definite a thing going on. The traditional antidote to a fiery chile con carne or fearsome vindaloo curry is beer. Or lots and lots of beers. Preferably lager. But when you’ve just gone off-the-scale in Scoville units, is industrial utility beer the only thing worth drinking, or is there still a place for Craft Beer? "Of course: Lager! The only... Read more


Hopt Style Guides: Hoptimise your taste! …SOUR ALE

At Hopt we’re crazy about beer, and we want to share our passion. That’s why we want to introduce you to some styles you might not know yet. Today, we’re taking a look at Sour Ales, and picking out some of our favourites for you to try. Sour Ale – what is it? Well, it’s a special Beer that’s been carefully soured by the brewer. This... Read more


Family values: Stouts & Porters

With the promise of warmer weather ahead (although judging by last summer, the jury’s still out – Ed.) there’s still time to enjoy beers more adapted to a wintery climate, able to help us overcome any cold-snap that might come our way. Brewed with black "patent" malt, a dark-roast variety whose process was perfected by master maltster Daniel Wheeler in 1817,... Read more


Gluten-Free Beers - Making Craft Beer even more accessible

Just for a second imagine a world without beer - it’s not pretty is it. Now, try imagining a barbecue without beer – it doesn’t bear thinking about. In fact, if you shuddered, don’t worry we had the same reaction. Joking aside, for some people beer just isn’t an option, at least it never used to be… Aside from the fact that beer is a total... Read more


Yes, we CAN! - Craft Beer's bright, shiny future...

Picture the scene: a rugged guy wearing 501s and two days’ stubble walks into a Texas dive bar and orders a beer. The barman pulls out a bottle of ice-cold industrial utility beer, glistening with condensation (the beer, not the barman), pops the cap, and hands it to the stranger, who drinks it STRAIGHT FROM THE BOTTLE! It’s a movie trope we’ve all seen a... Read more


Shake it (like a polaroid picture) – The weird world of Lactose Ales

Like any passion, people are always looking to the next big thing, the coming trend, the path to true enlightenment, and Craft Beer is no exception. One big attraction for Beer Geeks is that, thanks to the Craft Beer Revolution, the world of Real Ale never stands still for a moment. That’s one of the wonders of Craft Brewing – there’s no rules to define what... Read more


Hoppy New Beer! In search of the India Pale Lager

One of the joys of being a Beer Geek is the search for new taste experiences. Some you love, some less so. Some – though mercifully few - are destined to go straight down the drain. The same is true of Craft Breweries. We all have our favourites, while some just never seem to hit the spot, until one day they release their pièce de résistance - a... Read more


Drink Beer 101 – The art of drinking beer

Drink Beer 101 may sound like the ultimate beer-geek username, but it’s actually an important part of becoming a Craft connoisseur, an ale aficionado, a true casketeer, a Beer Geek. With Craft Beers ranging in price from pocket money to squeak-inducing second-mortgage expensive, it’s especially important to know how to appreciate your beer. There’s... Read more


What is a Lager?

When you think about Lager, you probably think about pale fizzy blonde beer with not much taste. Great for barbecues and refreshment on scorching hot days but not much else. But there's much more to Lager than bubbles! So what’s the difference between lager and beer? It comes down to two things: temperature and yeast. But what exactly is Lager and how is it made?... Read more


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