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Beery Christmas Jour 13 : Castelain Ch'ti Hivernale

Castelain, a brewery of traditions and generations

The history of the Castelain brewery The Castelain Brewery is an emblematic establishment of the Hauts de France, which has kept its tradition since 1966, in the small village of Bénifontaine. At that time, Roland and Marie-Louise Castelain took over an old brewery built in 1926, which allowed the whole family to work together for generations on a common project. It was Yves who took over from his father in 1978 to create the Ch'ti Blonde the following year, which would make the Bière de garde the specialty of the Castelain Brewery. Later on, other beers were brewed such as Jade, the first organic beer in France in 1986, or Castelain Grand Cru in 2016.

Over the years, the brewery offers a range of rich and subtle beers that proudly represent all of France internationally. Today, no less than three generations have succeeded one another, with a brewing passion that is still as scintillating as ever, developing a know-how that combines tradition with innovation in the greatest respect for the environment. The primary objective of this French brewery is to put its passion and creativity at the service of beer lovers, in order to offer a true hop experience. They want to brew beers of character with rich and varied profiles, so that they can accompany you as well during an aperitif as a dinner.

Choosing your beer according to what you are eating allows you to enhance both. For example, a light beer like a Pale Ale will go very well with a salad while a very thick Imperial Stout will be ideal for a barbecue, vanilla ice cream or chocolate cake. For the collaboration on our 10th Beery Christmas advent calendar, the Castelain Brewery brewed a Ch'ti Hivernale, perfect for sitting by the fire, near the window where you can see the snowflakes. 

Tasting of the Ch'ti Hivernale of the Castelain Brewery

With a name like that, we can imagine you under a blanket and in front of the fireplace to taste your beer, which reminds us of the coldness of winter. Of course there is "Hivernale" in the name of your beer but don't forget the "Ch'ti", synonymous with generosity and conviviality. But what about this Ch'ti Ambrée Hivernale ? When it is poured into a glass, we see a dark orange almost copper color, topped by a thick creamy foam of off-white color. It exudes aromas of malt, caramel, spices and baked bread. It's sweet and smells like Christmas and the holidays.

On the palate, there are indulgent flavors of brown sugar, gingerbread, cereal and caramel. The whole has a soft and unctuous profile, which is marked by a fine bitterness. Brewed with the greatest respect for the traditions of northern France, Ch'ti beers are aged beers, which means that they are kept for several weeks in large vats in a cool, dry place. The Ch'ti Hivernale is an amber-colored beer that can be enjoyed at a temperature of 8 to 10°C with a beef stew.



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