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Beery Christmas Day 20: Nomada Sakura India Pale Lager

Brewing awesome beer Nomada what…

Another new Beery Christmas newcomer, this time from the Barcelona suburb of Sabadell, Spain's Nomada Brewing blends tradition with innovation and a dash of Latin passion, constantly bending the rules to create new and exciting flavours. They love classic flavour combinations, using ingredients like orange, chilli, mint and yuzu, but they're not afraid to try out a host of other leftfield ingredients like Japanese-inspired yuzu and cherry blossom. Whatever Nomada brews, you can be sure that their beers will transport you to new horizons, and new taste sensations, which is exactly what we’re all about.

Sakura – India Pale Lager with a Japanese flavour!

Brewed in Madrid for Nomada - one of Spain’s most exciting new Craft Breweries and another Beery Christmas greenhorn - Sakura is an intensely fragrant India Pale Lager full of fresh green Magnum, Sorachi and Simcoe hops, cherry blossom (hence the name Sakura), yuzu orange and Shichimi Togorashi – a blend of 7 Japanese spices.

Hazy gold beneath a luxuriant white head, Sakura breathes elegant floral, lichi and apricot hops notes with a dank spicy pine background note.

It's on the tongue that Sakura really comes alive, with all the power of a Samurai but the grace of a Geisha. The slender body has seductive cherry blossom on the front end, giving way to strong bitter notes. Finally, a firm but gentle chilli and ginger note takes hold to finish with refreshing lime, mint and orange perfumes all topped off with a delicious green tea astringency.

India Pale Lager – a new twist on the world’s favourite beer style?

India Pale Lager is a relatively new concept combining the IPA’s best feature: the massive hops with clean bottom-fermentation Lager yeast. And it’s the yeast that makes the difference! Traditional IPA is brewed with top-fermenting yeast – it literally hangs around at the top of the barrel – that, thanks to its esters and phenols, gives the beer a flavour of its own. IPL is brewed with bottom-fermenting yeast that prefers to lurk at the bottom, slowly fermenting at a lower temperature. The result is a cleaner background on which to hang your hops – think of it like painting over paisley print wallpaper: some of the background is going to show through, but if you paint on a white wall, all you get is the colour of the paint. The same is true of bottom-fermentation yeast: all you get is a crisp malt backdrop on which to paint your hoppy masterpiece!

Dank and funky hops

You might see the words Dank or Funky used to describe hops, but while beer might make you might feel like disco dancing, that’s not quite what it means.

Funky or dank means hops with a strong green leafy note - a smell and taste ranging from stinging nettles at the milder end of the scale all the way to onions, sweaty socks, body odor and even cannabis (but don’t worry, while hops are related to THAT plant, they don’t contain any of the harmful illegal stuff, so you won’t find the police knocking on your door any time soon).

Oriental spices...in Craft Beer?

Shichimi Togorashi is a blend of 7 Japanese spices commonly consisting of coarsely ground red chili pepper, sansh? Japanese pepper, Chenpi roasted orange peel, black sesame seed, white sesame seed, hemp seed, ground ginger, dried seaweed and California poppy – all amazing flavour ingredients on their own ,put put them together… Wow!


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