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20/12/20182 min of reading

Beery Christmas Day 24: Avery Old Jubilation

Avery Old Jubilation

It’s a tough gig, and every year the challenge of brewing the beer for Beery Christmas’s No.24 spot gets a little bit tougher. The bar is set high, but once again our final brewery manages to top last year’s amazing contribution. Just!

To conclude this year’s Beery Christmas adventure, the honour goes to Avery Brewing, a legendary Craft Brewery from Boulder, Colorado.

Now in its 25th year, the brewery was an immediate hit from the moment it opened its doors way back in 1993 - early proof came in 1994 when it celebrated its first birthday with a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival. The future was bright, and since then Avery has gone from strength to strength with a quarter-century of awesome brewing, as well as occupying a place among RateBeer's very best breweries!

With a love of all things barrel-aged, Avery has a special talent for big, bold flavours, and their Beery Christmas entry is no exception.

So, without further ado, we proudly present…

Avery's limited-edition Old Jubilation Ale is simplicity itself. Brewed for a short period each year specially in time for Christmas, there’s no tricks, just a hearty Winter Ale brewed with five speciality malts to give a sweet toffee liqueur character with just a dusting of hazelnut praline.

Sweet, sumptuous and silky smooth, Old Jubilation’s warm chestnut colouring releases hints of chocolaty mochaccino coffee and hazelnut brittle that give the sweet maltiness an alluring bouquet that just screams “taste me!!!”

So, for one last time before we part, get ready for the highlight of the day!

On the tongue, there’s an immediate sweetness carried by more toffee malts on the soft, creamy body, along with fruity touches of red apple, flambéed banana, prunes and cedar spiciness.

This awesome aromatic profile is boosted by a warming comfort blanket of soft sweet nuttiness with figs, dates, almonds and walnuts – a whole Christmas stocking full of candied fruit to finish with a long, low alcohol note that’ll keep you warm all the way to Christmas day!

Old Ale, but how old?

Old Ale has a loooong history dating back to before the Industrial Revolution. It was traditionally aged for months – sometimes years – in wooden barrels called tuns, picking up some lactic sharpness along the way thanks to lacto bacteria and tannins in the unlined casks. These aged beers would often be blended with newer, lighter, sweeter beers by the barman to make them more drinkable.

According to Great Britain’s CAMRA – the Campaign for Real Ale – traditional Old Ales aren’t always super-strong, with some topping out at 4%, although today they tend to be stronger with ABV upwards of 6%. The key to an Old Ale is still the long maturing period to develop those awesome flavours that evoke tobacco, old leather and plummy stonefruit.

So there you go: 24 days, 24 beers, 24 styles. We hope you enjoyed them. We know some of you won’t have loved all of them – but hopefully you didn’t hate any of them either. In any case it was a great first experience exploring the world of beer.

If you’re new to Craft Beer then we hope you’ll have got a taste for our passion. And if you’re a long-term diehard beer-geek, then we hope we’ve exceeded your expectations with Beery Christmas 2018.


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