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Chilli & Beer – Spice up your life

Chilli and beer have definite a thing going on. The traditional antidote to a fiery chile con carne or fearsome vindaloo curry is beer. Or lots and lots of beers. Preferably lager. But when you’ve just gone off-the-scale in Scoville units, is industrial utility beer the only thing worth drinking, or is there still a place for Craft Beer? "Of course: Lager! The only... Read more


Beer, bread and baking II – Return of the Bread? Aye!

So, you baked your first loaf of bread? We hope it was a success and you’re now on the way to becoming a fully-fledged master-baker. It takes a little practice, but it’s worth it. There’s nothing quite like the smell of fresh bread to make home feel like, well, home. Well, maybe the unmistakeably malty smell of beer brewing. But what if you want to take... Read more


Vinyl and Beer: 33rpm vs 33cl

They said that vinyl was dead. They said exactly the same thing about Craft Beer. They were wrong. Both times. Yet again. As a format, vinyl was declared a thing of the past over 20 years ago, but like many good things, it wasn’t dead, just sleeping… In the same way as Artisan Ales, vinyl gives something back, gives you something more than the sanitized, clinical... Read more


Bread, beer and the joy of baking...

Yeast is a truly magical thing. It’s that alchemical element that makes beer beer, giving it its characteristic flavours as well as alcohol and fizz. Imagine a world without yeast - terrifying, isn’t it? Finish mowing the lawn and all you’ve got in the fridge is a bottle of flat, malty liquid. But yeast isn’t just for beer. It’s an essential part... Read more


Dutch Beer Challenge - celebrating the cream of Netherlands Craft Brewing

Not only are the Dutch some of Europe’s most enthusiastic beer drinkers, they’re also among some of the most talented brewers, with gifted new Craft Breweries springing up on an almost weekly basis. In recognition of the country’s exceptional contribution to the world of Real Ale, every March Rotterdam hosts the Dutch Beer Challenge, an event celebrating... Read more


Hopt Style Guides: Hoptimise your taste! …SOUR ALE

At Hopt we’re crazy about beer, and we want to share our passion. That’s why we want to introduce you to some styles you might not know yet. Today, we’re taking a look at Sour Ales, and picking out some of our favourites for you to try. Sour Ale – what is it? Well, it’s a special Beer that’s been carefully soured by the brewer. This... Read more


Give your beer an even bigger hops flavour with Dry Hopping.

If you ever wondered about Dry Hopped beers, then our simple guide to this essential homebrew technique will show you how to transform your homebrew beer. Dry hopping is an easy way to add extra hops flavour to your beer to get the full taste of the essential oils and alpha acids from every hop cone. How to dry-hop beer It’s pretty simple really. You brew your beer,... Read more


Saint Patrick's Day - Big, green and unmistakeably Irish

Picture the scene, Fifth Avenue, New York City, March 17th 2018 – Saint Patrick’s Day. 5th Avenue is a sea of Kelly green flags, shamrocks, leprechaun costumes and fake ginger beards. There are two things that will surprise first-time visitors to New York me - firstly it’s SO big. Really BIG. Big with a capital B.I.G. The second thing is that everyone is... Read more

Thornbridge - 13 years of Innovation, Passion, Knowledge

It’s not all fun and games working for Hopt. In fact, we take our work very seriously indeed. Especially when we get a visit from a supplier. Especially when that supplier is Thornbridge Brewery. Especially when that supplier brings samples with them! On 15 February, we were lucky enough to welcome James and Mo, Thornbridge Brewery’s Director and Logistics Manager,... Read more


New products - March 2018 - put a little Spring into your beer...

I love not being cold. I love not getting up and coming home in the dark every day. I love not having to keep the windows closed. I love not chipping ice off the windscreen. And I particularly love that my wife stops using me to warm her feet up in bed. But it’s not just the things I don’t miss about the winter, there’s a lot of things I love about the spring... Read more


Beer of the Year - The RateBeer Best Awards

Birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries - the Battle of Agincourt for example - there are some things that come around once a year that are absolutely unforgettable, unmissable. The highlight of every Beer Geek’s year must surely be RateBeer’s beer of the year awards. Essential reading for fans of Craft Beer, the RateBeer Best Awards are a definitive list of everything... Read more


Hortense - International Jet-Set Marketing Goddess

Independent, free-spirited and constantly searching for new challenges, Marketing Campaign Manager Hortense has studied and worked literally all over the world. Independent, free-spirited and constantly searching for new experiences, Marketing Campaign Manager Hortense has worked and studied literally all around the world. Still in the first flush of youth, our multi-lingual... Read more

Einstok Olgerd - Craft brewing on top of the world!

Located less than 100km south of the arctic circle on the far north coast of Iceland, Einstok is one of the world's most northerly breweries. In fact, until someone decided to open one in Svalbard, Greenland, they were the world’s most northerly brewery. So, what’s it like running a brewery with nothing between you and the North Pole? In short, liberating. The... Read more


Family values: Stouts & Porters

With the promise of warmer weather ahead (although judging by last summer, the jury’s still out – Ed.) there’s still time to enjoy beers more adapted to a wintery climate, able to help us overcome any cold-snap that might come our way. Brewed with black "patent" malt, a dark-roast variety whose process was perfected by master maltster Daniel Wheeler in 1817,... Read more


Homebrew 101 - getting started

After he arrived in Hopt’s hometown of Lille, France to study Business Management, our Homebrew Products Manager got the brewing bug – and got it bad! It’s a classic case of young-thrusting-executive-gets-brewing-bug-and-hangs-up-white-collar-for-blue-one (and an apron). "The first time I brewed it was like magic…" The wonderful thing about brewing... Read more

Omnipollo: Craft Beer + Art = Genius

One of the world's most famous and respected Craft Breweries, Sweden's Omnipollo is possibly the ultimate gypsy brewery, using spare capacity at bigger breweries to brew their often leftfield, but always superb beers, earning them a well-deserved place in Ratebeer's list of Top-100 breweries worldwide. Omnipollo was founded in 2011 by Brewer Henok Fentie and Artist Karl... Read more


Ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall…the TOP TEN songs about beer

Singing and beer go together like, well, beer and skittles. From antiquity to modern times, beer, mead, ale and other concoctions have formed an integral part of ceremonies, celebrations, and a host of other events, whether it’s celebrating your team winning the cup or holding a wake for the dearly departed. “Singing and beer go together like, well, beer and... Read more


Gluten-Free Beers - Making Craft Beer even more accessible

Just for a second imagine a world without beer - it’s not pretty is it. Now, try imagining a barbecue without beer – it doesn’t bear thinking about. In fact, if you shuddered, don’t worry we had the same reaction. Joking aside, for some people beer just isn’t an option, at least it never used to be… Aside from the fact that beer is a total... Read more


New products - February 2018

With Christmas now a distant memory, and still nearly two full months to go before Spring officially arrives, we arrive at the shortest month of the year, February. With the first signs of life arriving early this year – including spring flowers blooming in mid-January - there’s still a way to go yet before you can confidently put your winter coat back into the... Read more


1st Degree Burns – A beer-lovers guide to Burns Night and Scotch Ale

As January draws to a close, true Scots and fans of Scottish culture from around the world get together to celebrate the life of Scotland’s best-loved Poet, the immortal Robert Burns. This tradition, dating back over 200 years, was first hosted by Burns’s friends some five years after his death. Also known as Robert Burns Day, Robbie Burns Day, Rabbie Burns Day or... Read more


Come together! The FIFA World Cup Finals 2018

Whether you’re a football fan or not, it’s impossible to deny that for pageantry and sheer spectacle nothing can compete with the FIFA World Cup Finals. Every four years the cream of international football comes together to compete in the highlight of every supporters’ sporting calendar. And for pleasure, pain and pure passion, the World Cup is one of the few... Read more


Dry January, February, March, Apri...

So Christmas is over and now you're half way through Dry January. Congratulations if you made it this far – only another 44,640 looooooong minutes until February. Maybe it's your turn to be designated driver? Or perhaps you're just curious? Whatever your reason, there's never been a better time to try Alcohol Free beer! Low-alcohol and alcohol-free beers have been... Read more


Yes, we CAN! - Craft Beer's bright, shiny future...

Picture the scene: a rugged guy wearing 501s and two days’ stubble walks into a Texas dive bar and orders a beer. The barman pulls out a bottle of ice-cold industrial utility beer, glistening with condensation (the beer, not the barman), pops the cap, and hands it to the stranger, who drinks it STRAIGHT FROM THE BOTTLE! It’s a movie trope we’ve all seen a... Read more


Shake it (like a polaroid picture) – The weird world of Lactose Ales

Like any passion, people are always looking to the next big thing, the coming trend, the path to true enlightenment, and Craft Beer is no exception. One big attraction for Beer Geeks is that, thanks to the Craft Beer Revolution, the world of Real Ale never stands still for a moment. That’s one of the wonders of Craft Brewing – there’s no rules to define what... Read more


Hoppy New Beer! In search of the India Pale Lager

One of the joys of being a Beer Geek is the search for new taste experiences. Some you love, some less so. Some – though mercifully few - are destined to go straight down the drain. The same is true of Craft Breweries. We all have our favourites, while some just never seem to hit the spot, until one day they release their pièce de résistance - a... Read more


Hej Sverige! A Craft Beer Guide for Swedophiles…

As a kid, I remember thinking Sweden was cool. I still remember making a scale model of a Saab Viggen fighter jet with my Dad, and when we put the stickers on it I remember looking at the Gold-on-Blue triple-crown and thinking 'Wow, that's so cool'! There was just something kind of, well, cool about that tre kronor emblem.  It's always a dangerous to fall back on... Read more


The Dutch Enlightenment - A New Golden Age of Dutch Craft Beer

The Dutch Enlightenment - Craft Beer in a new Golden Age Spanning the late 16th to the turn of the 18th Century, the first Dutch Golden Age was a period of discovery, invention and innovation. No aspect of life in the low-countries remained unchanged during this period of enlightenment, with engineers, artists and artisans of all persuasions making giant steps in the... Read more


New year, new horizons, brand-new Blog...

Happy New Year, and welcome to Saveur Bière and Hopt’s brand-new Craft Beer blog. Following the success in 2017 of our paper-based magazine, Allez Hop!, we wanted to start 2018 by sharing our love of all things beer-related with all our customers. Allez Hop! was a huge success for Saveur Bière France, with almost 100,000 copies distributed to our... Read more


Drink Beer 101 – The art of drinking beer

Drink Beer 101 may sound like the ultimate beer-geek username, but it’s actually an important part of becoming a Craft connoisseur, an ale aficionado, a true casketeer, a Beer Geek. With Craft Beers ranging in price from pocket money to squeak-inducing second-mortgage expensive, it’s especially important to know how to appreciate your beer. There’s... Read more


Beer or Wine – The eternal question...

Believe it or not, beer is the original health drink. It sounds like a bold claim, but beer originated in Mesopotamia nearly 8000 years ago as a healthy alternative to water that could just as easily kill you as quench you thirst. Over time, the Mesopotamians discovered that by adding grain to water, they could make a fermented drink that would kill any nasties floating... Read more


What is a Lager?

When you think about Lager, you probably think about pale fizzy blonde beer with not much taste. Great for barbecues and refreshment on scorching hot days but not much else. But there's much more to Lager than bubbles! So what’s the difference between lager and beer? It comes down to two things: temperature and yeast. But what exactly is Lager and how is it made?... Read more


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