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Weyermann CaraAmber malt 70 EBC

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Weyermann CaraAmber malt 70 EBC

Use Weyermann CaraAmber Malt to give your Brown Ale, Lager, Irish Red Ale, and Bockbeer soft, caramel flavours

  • Weyermann CaraAmber malt 70 EBC

Weyermann CaraAmber is a red-amber coloured barley Malt with an EBC of 60-80 (23-31 Lovibond). CaraAmber Malt is used in brewing Brown Ale, Lager, Irish Red Ale, and Bock, among others. It is a special Malt that can be used up to 20%.

Originating from Germany, it is highly prized for its sweet caramel flavours. It improves mouthfeel and brings a depth to the colour with red highlights. It also improves the stability of the head, and adds pleasing caramel and pine notes.

Weyermann Malts comply with ISO and HACCP standards. Furthermore, as well as complying with all government food standards and health regulations, their Malts conform to German laws on beer purity (reinheitsgebot).

Ideal storage conditions: clean, dry, cool place.

In order to maximise freshness, flavour and enzyme action, it is strongly recommended to use your CaraAmber malt within a maximum 18-24 months of harvest, and 3 months if the Malt has been milled.

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