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Acid Malt 9.5 EBC

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Acid Malt 9.5 EBC

Lower the pH of your beer with Acid Malt.

  • Acid Malt 9.5 EBC
  • Acid Malt 9.5 EBC

Acid Malt is a blonde barley Malt acidified with lactobacillus. It's colouring is 6-13 EBC or 2.8-5.4 Lovibond. Its equivalent is Weyermann Acidulated Malt, with an EBC of 3-6 or 1.7-2.8 Lovibond.

Used to improve flavour and reinforce flavours, Acid Malt is used for three main reasons:

- Lowering pH,

- Improving performance of hydrolytic enzyme (amylase, protease, and peptidase) and increasing release of sugars,

- Allowing improved fermentation by adjusting the pH level.

Acid Malt provides an ideal solution for brewers living in hard-water areas. It is also available as an organic Malt.

Recommended dosage is 5% and it is generally used with base Malts such as Pilsen base Malt.

You should store your Acid Malt in a cool dry place for a maximum of 24 months. If the Malt has been milled, it should be used within 3 months to ensure the maximum flavour.

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