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  • Based in San Sebastien in Spain's Basque region, Basqueland Brewing Project is the brainchild of three American craft beer enthusiasts. Passionate about good beer, their recipes reflect the very best produce offered by the Basque region with a range of flavours that never fail to ignite passions and win new fans. - 2 Imparable IPA: Fruity, refreshing and bursting with tropical fruit notes, this elegant IPA is a thing of beauty. - 2 AUPA Pale Ale: American Pale Ale with fruity, floral, zesty hops notes and a pleasing spicy character. - 2 Arraun Amber Ale: Packed with fruity mango and peach hops notes, this Amber Ale is an exercise in refreshment. - 2 Capt. Norb Kolsch: A floral, fruity Pale ale with clean malt notes and a delicious honey aftertaste. - 2 Coco Chango: Imperial Porter brewed with rye malt, coconut and chocolate for a sumptuous chocolate brownie feel - 1 Equinox: Light, floral Wheat Ale with a host of sunny tropical fruit and zesty citrus hops tones

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  • Bright, refreshing and packed with the taste of summer, the Saveur Bière Summer Collection is the perfect beer assortment for the hot summer days ahead. - Founders All Day IPA: Peachy Session IPA with a vivacious hops profile - De Dochter Van De Korenaar Beau-Monde: Soft, fruity Saison with a lush yeasty, floral character - Camden Pils: Crisp English Pilsner with classic pine and fruit notes - Thornbridge Wye: Cool as a cucumber -  Literally! Wye Pale Ale is brewed with fresh cucumber for a curiously reviving experience. - Basqueland Equinox: Cooling Wheat Beer with fresh tropical fruit and citrus hops tones - Einstök Icelandic White Ale: Superb Wheat Beer with classic orange and coriander - as refreshing as the glacier used to brew it - Omnipollo Magic 3.5 Pineapple Gose: Clean, sharp vivacious Gose with scintillating lemon and pineapple scents - Sori Brewing Madonna of Sori: Bright Session IPA inspired by Italian lemon groves - Liefmans Fruitesse on the Rocks: a juicy fruit beer bursting with red fruit and cherry flavours - Oppigards Summer Session: Sensational Swedish Session IPA with perfumed peachy, citrusy scents   - Brewski Pango IPA: Swedish Fruit IPA overflowing with passionfruit and mango hop notes

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  • This year, why not make your Easter Egg Hunt a little easier with this Easter Collection, an assortment of six sumptuous beers and eight delicious chocolate eggs. The Saveur Bière Easter Assortment contains:  - 8 chocolate eggs from the prestigious Belgian chocolatier Jean Neuhaus. Neuhaus is a Swiss chocolatier based in Brussels and holder of the Royal Warrant of the Belgian Royal Family. - Cocoa Wonderland by Thornbridge, an English Chocolate Porter brewed to celebrate the Thornbridge Brewery's tenth anniversary. This sumptuous beer offers a wonderfully soft chocolate, vanilla, and coffee character. - Basqueland Brewing Project Coco Chango, an Imperial Porter from Spain, brewed with dark chocolate and toasted coconut that combine to give a soft, spicy bitterness.  - Celebrator Doppelbock by Ayinger, a German Doppelbock beer that promises big flavours despite a relatively low alcohol content. This complex beer is fruity and malty, with coffee, caramel and dried fruit notes that compliment your sweet treats perfectly. - White Rabbit by French brewery Sainte Cru. This Blanche beer offers fresh, lime, mango and pineapple notes, balanced with a soft acidity and bitterness that provide a perfect balance to the sweet chocolate. - Erable by Canada's McAuslan brewery, a gourmet Amber Ale with woody caramel and maple syrup notes that promise a truly surprising taste experience. - Oppigards Golden Ale, a yellow-orange-bodied Golden Ale from Sweden that breathes fresh floral and citrusy hops notes. This refreshing, fruity beer offers a light, dry finish, to round off the Easter Assortment wit the perfect foil to your chocolate eggs.

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  •  The Mondial de la Bière Collection is Saveur Bière's tribute to the Mondial de la Bière, a Paris beer expo that showcases some of the finest craft beer from around the world. - Basqueland Brewing Project Coco Chango: Imperial Porter from Spain, brewed with dark chocolate and toasted coconut that combine to give a soft, spicy bitterness - Tempest Long White Cloud: One of Tempest's flagship beers, this American Pale Ale is packed with mouthwatering citrus hops and warm caramel malts - Einstök Icelandic White: Brewed in Iceland by the award-winning Einstok this Witbier boasts bright orangey citrus and coriander notes and a subtle malt and wheat notes - Flying Monkeys Hoptical Illusion: Another sensational recipe from Canadian craft brewery Flying Monkeys, this superb American Pale Ale is alive with big Amarillo and Cascade hops flavours. - Dois Corvos Creature IPA: Copper-blonde Portuguese craft beer with fresh, fruity orange, peach and pine hops notes - Buxton Trolltunga: mouthwatering Sour Ale with herbal pine and citrusy lemon hops in a sharp and bitter ensemble - Thornbridge Wild Raven: Sumptuous, seductive Black IPA with pine and floral hops and chocolate and hazelnut malt tones - Sori Coffee Gorilla: Glossy black Baltic Porter with expansive coffee, and bold jammy chocolate dark malt tones -Brouwerij Kees Session IPA: Light refreshing gourmet Session IPA with bright citrusy grapefruit and peach hops and generous caramel malts - Brewski Pango IPA: Superb Swedish IPA brewed with pineapple, mango and passionfruit for a surprising fruity character that balances sharp and bitter - Omnipollo Nebuchadnezzar: Classic Swedish Double IPA jam-packed with monumental malts and floral, tropical hops   Founders Dirty Bastard: Ruby-bodied Scotch Ale with sweet, sumptuous malts, chewy candied fruit and brown sugar notes

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  • - Capt. Norb Kölsch, Basqueland: Light, refreshing Spanish Pale Ale, bursting with flowers, spices, yeast and herbal notes- Barbarian, Brewski: Hazy gold Swedish India Pale Ale, with fresh, tropical fruit, yeast, citrus, and herbal tones- Dead Guy Ale, Rogue: A rich Doppelbock, this American brew is packed with big spice, alcohol and caramel flavours.- Icelandic Wee Heavy, Einstök: A scotch Ale-style beer from Iceland, this Wee Heavy is alive with peaty, smoky flavours.- Tempête du Désert, Sainte Cru: Brewed in France, Tempête du Désert brings intense hops, packed with delicious orange and juicy grapefruit, alongside pine, malt and yeast.- Nebuchadnezzar, Omnipollo: Award-winning Swedish Imperial IPA, generously hopped, with pine, tropical fruit, and citrus notes.- Sky Mountain Sour, Buxton/To Øl: Brewed by Buxton and To Øl, with its malty, fruity palate, this Sour Ale is proof that two heads are better than one.- Coffee Gorilla, Sori: An Estonian Baltic Porter, Coffee Gorilla is marked by coffee, cocoa, chocoalte, and dark malt flavours.- Rocknrolla, Kingpin: This American Pale Ale from Poland is brewed with five varieties of american hops, to leave it brimming with bitter orange, lemon, and verbena flavours.- Eldon, Thornbridge: English Imperial Stout, barrel-aged in Bourbon casks for powerful chocolate, coffee, caramel and whisky flavours.

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